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Boehm Gemological Laboratory Services

edward-boehmFew gemologists have the hands-on experience to verify the authenticity and origins of virtually all gem materials. Edward Boehm, having earned his degree as a geologist in addition to his G.G., combines his hands-on geological knowledge with his technological laboratory experience to bring you unparalleled laboratory service.

A Summary of Our Services

Gemstone identification, including: country of origin, treatments, etc.
Boehm Lab Services will provide you with a verbal or written opinion from the Principal of RareSource, Edward Boehm.
Boehm Lab Services is pleased to offer a qualified third party professional appraisal by a certified appraiser.
sri lanka spinel inclusion
Sri Lanka
spinel inclusion
red spinel rutile
Red Spinel
Ruby inclusion from Madagascar
Ruby Inclusion
from Madagascar
growth tubes
spinel from mogok
From Mogok